01. Birchwood Cafe

02. Bartmann Group

03. Tech Dump

04. Chowgirls

05. Mademoiselle Miel

06. Other Fine Folks

  1. 01. Birchwood Cafe

    birchwoodA beloved neighborhood restaurant with a commitment to promoting delicious and healthful eating and improving people’s connection to the food system needed more space after 18 years . Owner Tracy Singleton decided that fundraising via Kickstarter fit with her community approach. Field Guide served as communication consultants to the internal team, helping craft an overall strategy and weighing in on the launch event, messaging, perks, and media relations.  The campaign proved to be very successful, exceeding their goal, and generating loads of goodwill along the way. Since then, we've acted as "special projects" help, helping streamline their donations and giving program, doing strategic planning and media outreach.

  2. 02. Bartmann Group

    Putting a priority on people, the planet and profit while running multiple restaurants (Barbette, Book Club, Pat’s Tap, Tiny Diner, Gigi’s, The Bird, Bryant Lake Bowl, Bread & Pickle, and Red Stag Supperclub) and throwing happening events such as Bastille Day and InCahoots means many balls in the air and tons of opportunities for messaging. Bartmann Group called us for help with media outreach, marketing and branding for new ventures. We’re happy to be a part of this stellar team providing creative strategic muscle and tactical implementation.

  3. 03. Tech Dump

    Since 2014, we've proudly helped raise awareness about this Minnesota social enterprise and its dual mission. Tech Dump and Tech Discounts, its retail arm, create jobs for people with barriers to employment while protecting the environment by reducing the electronic waste stream. Field Guide and Tech Dump have worked together to create media outreach plans
    and campaigns that help tell their story. We've also collaborated on marketing strategies that raise awareness about its important work on all fronts, all while increasing business for its recycling and retail operations so it can continue to grow.

  4. 04. Chowgirls


    When this successful women-owned catering company with a gallery of awards and a killer brand called us to bolster marketing for special events and weigh in on long-term strategy, we were all in! Establishing a media partnership for their music and food series Locavore Serenade, developing processes for media relations, and facilitating internal communications will help prepare the company for another fantastic decade of growth.


  5. 05. Mademoiselle Miel

    121112mielThis busy and incredibly talented entrepreneur and artist /chocolatier/beekeeper with an exquisite product asked for our help to prioritize goals, coordinate PR and sales efforts, and develop messaging and marketing collateral. We’ve worked to spread the word about her delicious honey bon-bons and developed a social media campaign -- “Buy a Stick, Save a Bee” -- for her honey-bee sticks, sales of which raise funds for the University of Minnesota's Bee Lab.


  6. 06. Other Fine Folks

    sproiuts2Here are few of the many fine folks we've had the pleasure of working with:

    Avison Young Nonprofit Practice Group

    The Beez Kneez

    Broders Restaurants

    Culture Casts

    Eureka Recycling

    Foxglove Market and Studio

    Fresh Energy

    Isadore Nut Company

    Keg and Case West 7th Market 

    Kill Kancer

    The Lismore Hotel

    Little Free Library

    M2 Foundation

    Peace Coffee

    Pollinate MN

    Propel Nonprofits

    ReUSE Minnesota

    Shepherd’s Way Farms

    St. Paul Public Schools Foundation 

    Superior Switchel

    Tech Dump /Tech Discounts

    Urban Roots

    Waldmann Brewery





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