We’re proud of the work we’ve done with our clients and believe success is found in strong partnerships. But don’t take it from us - see what folks have to say about their experiences working with the Field Guide team.

Start Something Good Today
Union Hmong Kitchen and Vinai

Our stories are our legacy, and when it comes to sharing them it is very important to get the narrative right, so having someone you know and trust, who can listen and effectively communicate on your behalf is key. We've been so blessed to work with Field Guide–Mary and her team listen intently to understand your voice and make sure your story is being represented as they should be out in the world. This means a lot to me because a big part of what we do is share food to tell the stories and traditions of the Hmong people; it’s about ingredients and flavors but also our value of hospitality and welcome. My team and I trust Field Guide to have our interests at heart. Field Guide is very strong in their communications skills-they are always up for collaborating on new ideas, finessing existing ones and helping us navigate opportunities, whether it’s a Kickstarter campaign, an event, a restaurant opening, or an interview. Field Guide is a part of my core team, one that makes me feel supported as I take on new projects and build this business, which is about Hmong cooking but is really ultimately a love letter to my parents and to my people.

Chef Yia Vang
Field Guide is a part of my core team
Tech Dump

We are very proud of our double mission at Tech Dump where we make both an environmental and social impact. It was difficult, however, to find the right partner to help build our brand. The team at Field Guide completely understood and supported our vision, providing clear communications and identifying the most cost-efficient ways to spread the word. Beyond the significant revenue and web traffic growth we’ve seen since working with them, they’ve joined in discussions regarding important strategy decisions and business model tweaks. They are an important part of our team.

Amanda LaGrange
Chief Executive Officer
completely understood and supported our vision
Fresh Energy

Field Guide helped us improve the quality and impact of our outreach. They added authenticity, nuance, and an element of surprise that makes for a good story. They wove together multiple themes — in this case, food, renewable energy, and pollinator habitats — and introduced diverse audiences to new information in ways people might not have anticipated. Additionally, we were connected to key influencers who could help amplify our messages and do so with sincerity. Field Guide occupies a great space that’s highly relevant to the work that we do at Fresh Energy. Their interdisciplinary storytelling skills make them a valuable collaborator. We were really pleased with our project.

Rob Davis
Director, Center for Pollinators in Energy // Director, Media & Innovation Lab
they added authenticity, nuance, and an element of surprise that makes for a good story
Patisserie 46 and Rose Street Patisserie

From the opening of every new location to each award and accolade, Mary and team have walked down the path with us. They have carefully and meticulously helped us navigate each turn. The level of understanding they have shown our companies, trade and teams has been outstanding. With brand development, website makeovers, coaching team leads for press training, social media campaigns (the list truly can run on) Field Guide has been an invaluable asset to us.

Elizabeth Rose

John Kraus
Chef/Founder & Member of Relais Desserts Group

I love
Urban Roots MN

Mary and the Field Guide team possess a keen ability to work across all platforms, connecting Urban Roots to an interesting and inclusive group of ambassadors—chefs, journalists, and entrepreneurs alike—all in support of our multi-faceted programming in conservation, urban agriculture, and the food world. Field Guide had just the right mix of creativity, savvy, connectivity, and commitment to our mission to cultivate and empower youth through connections to nature, healthy food, and community through paid internships and opportunities that they might not otherwise encounter. We worked collaboratively with Field Guide over several years to successfully grow our audience, enabling us to develop campaigns, generate media attention in ways that propelled us into new territory, and—most importantly—make a solid and lasting impact.

Patsy Noble
Executive Director (ret. 2020), Urban Roots MN
just the right mix of creativity, savvy, connectivity, and a commitment to our mission

Keg and Case has been tremendously fortunate to have engaged Field Guide and most notably Mary. Upon meeting Mary and sharing with her the vision/mission of Keg and Case, it was immediately apparent that our values were aligned. Community, reciprocity and collaboration had been the guiding principles of Keg and Case and were in fact a prerequisite for Field Guide in entering this space.

I found Mary’s participation to be one of genuine interest, consideration for a complex organism in the making and it’s moving parts. She conducts her work with both an intimate understanding of PR/communications and real synergy with the team she is a part of and its specific goals. This is exactly what our project needed and we found it.

Craig Cohen
Principal Developer, Keg and Case West 7th Market
it was immediately apparent that our values were aligned
peace coffee

We hired the Field Guide to coordinate our communication plans and marketing initiatives. They helped us create internal messaging, external talking points, press releases and point of sale materials. By honoring our achievements, celebrating our uniquenesses and highlighting our commitment to our community, Field Guide helped us garner the attention of the national publication Civil Eats and local news outlets. We are proud of what we accomplished together and would highly recommend them to business who a gentle push to showcase their work or products.

Lee Wallace
CEO of Peace Coffee
proud of what we accomplished together

Broders' Restaurants

Working with Field Guide has been a solid decision for our company. With their collaboration, we have been able to bring strategy, clarity, and intention to the communications goals and initiatives that had been becoming challenges within our organization. I always look forward to any opportunities to engage with Mary and her team at Field Guide.

Charlie Broder
Owner, General Manager, & Wine Director at Broders' Restaurants

working with Field Guide has been a solid decision for our company
Birchwood Cafe

Field Guide is a wonderful resource. When I made the decision to go launch a Kickstarter in the fall of 2012, they jumped right in, joined the team with helped craft our strategy and messaging. Their insight and writing skills were invaluable. The Field Guides stuck with it through the entire crazy ride and helped keep the campaign energy and morale alive, the messaging on point, and they led the coordination of key elements that made our Kickstarter a wonderful success: from the launch party to the rewards structure, celebration events and media relations. (And most importantly they kept me sane :))

Field Guides are now my go-to when I have extra projects including presentations and articles — they understand how I think and how I work, they support me in articulating my voice and the mission of the Birchwood for any audience.

Tracy Singleton
their insight and writing skills were invaluable