2016 - Present


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Making the Dream of the Twin Cities First Communal Spa + Bathing Destination a Reality

Nell Rueckl, the founder of two successful Spot Spas locations in Minneapolis, had a long-held dream of creating a destination where guests would experience the healing benefits of the communal bathing ritual. Rueckl, an innovative leader who first honed her skills at the world-renowned Aveda Spa in Osceola, Wisconsin, wanted to create an inclusive, uniquely Midwestern place for communal bathing. Field Guide had originally provided communications support for Spot Spas and the in-house green beauty product line Nell’s Remedies. We were thrilled at the prospect of supporting the dream of building a transformative communal bathing destination that offers holistic spa services and integrative wellness treatments.

ritual-based bathing and holistic wellness treatments

At the outset, this project was merely a vision. It had no name or location. Then Rueckl found the perfect place for the Twin Cities first communal bathing destination: the historic Soap Factory along the Mississippi River in Southeast Minneapolis. It was time to spring into action. With the site selected, the client needed to raise funds quickly to make the dream a reality, but the timing was challenging. Not only was a pandemic happening, but the Twin Cities were also reeling from the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing uprising. This was a watershed moment for people and the planet. Our team realized Watershed would be a perfect name for this luxurious yet inclusive place for ritual-based bathing and holistic wellness treatments that provide healing for self and, in turn, for the community.

The Outcome

providing ongoing communications and support

We believed deeply in this project and were instrumental in a successful i-Fund Women campaign and the creation and launch of the Watershed website. After a long and challenge-filled build-out during the pandemic, the gorgeous space measuring 11,000 square feet on two levels was ready to open its doors in October 2022. Field Guide worked closely with the Watershed team to develop clear communications to address myriad questions and misconceptions about communal bathing and was instrumental in garnering public interest and media attention leading up to and after the successful opening. After a highly successful launch and an overwhelmingly positive reception, Field Guide now provides ongoing communications and support, much of it focused on reassuring interested parties that they need to be patient to secure a booking.